"Come to a packet workshop at Transtar on July 15th to fine tune your rig and also your operating skills! The room will be open at 8am to allow time to setup before we start at or before 9am. In addition to the workshop, you can watch a diagnose-and-repair by Dave Wells of an SEC 1223 power supply.

We plan to be able to help you:
Check your deviation with a service monitor and adjust it if needed. Ideally it should be about 3 KHz Check your frequency and power output. If you wish, bring a service manual for your radio so that you can adjust the frequency if you need to. Give you access to gateways and digipeaters to practice. For this event, we will switch N5TRS-11 to 145.050 and 145.070 in order to access digis. This will be a very practical session, so bring enough equipment so that you are self sufficient (including power supply, antenna, cables, radio, TNC, manuals).

Please RSVP to KD5URB (or so we can save you a place Update your RMS Express to the latest version In RMS Express, open the Packet window, select Channel Selection and Update Table via internet Bring a manual for your TNC and radio, in addition to all your equipment Bring cardboard, or a cover for the tabletop so the surface is not scratched.

More information on Winlink can be found here