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Access to /Training for /Password issues /Problems with – WebEOC for an ARES District 14 member are to be handled via Logistics at HCOHSEM NOT the WebEOC Administrator or through any other WebEOC method. 

If an ARES user can NOT use the password reset please contact WebEOC support using only “logistics@oem.hctx.net”.

Accounts will become locked if they are left inactive for more than six months. This indicates that the users are possibly no longer active and don’t need access to WEBEOC. This is why its imperative to log on monthly.

Classes are scheduled periodically for new users and can be requested through the “Support” link above. New users account will be created at the time the user recoeves training.

AT NO TIME SHOULD AN ARES WEBEOC USER CONTACT THE WEBEOC ADMINISTRATOR. All communications must go through “logistics@oem.hctx.net”.