District 14 ~ Wide area net (WAN)

The purpose of the wide area net is to conduct an efficient District 14 ARES WAN on the last Sunday of each month that has five Sundays. The purpose is to promote greater association to strengthen the spirit of cooperation between all four District 14 ARES Units, adjacent counties and counties within the reach of local repeater coverage zones. All ECs are encouraged to aggressively promote the participation of as many of their members as possible.

We will;

  1. Use standard ICS templates for planning, execution and documentation as directed by the District 14 ARES Plan.
  2. Implement a notification process for other STX District ARES members and non members to participate.
  3. Evaluate the Net for overall efficiency and response from all participating jurisdictions.
  4. Demonstrate the use of ICS documents as a planning, execution and documentation tools for ARES events as directed by the District 14 ARES Plan.

Individual Responsibilities

  1. Each net participant should be prepared by reviewing the ICS prior to the net, if distributed
  2. Listen to the instructions of the net control and follow them precisely, check in ONLY when its your time. Not all nets are ran the same way. LISTEN.
  3. Use ITU phonetics ONLY, do not use any other phonetics however cute you think they sound.
  4. Practice by writing down check in's as if you were the Net Control or Back Up Net Control Stations
  5. Continue to listen to the net until it closes.


Safety is paramount. Always think safety on all ARES operations. Be aware of your situation and surroundings at home and while deployed. Be conscious of the conditions around you on all deployments. If deployed to a hazardous location use the buddy system and make certain that someone knows where you are.

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