ARES / CERT and the Houston to Austin MS-150


A new web-site has been created for the capturing of essential information on all hams wishing to volunteer for the BP MS-150 The web-site is here. If you have never volunteered for the MS-150 the following information is from years past and is still pertenant to the ride. Specific information for the 2012 will be handled by Mike Hardwick, N5VCX and Charlie Mathew, NOXFD via the email you provide them on this form.

Amateur radio operators form the primary Houston-to-Austin communications network for the BP MS 150. Operators are assigned to several different groups or stationed at different locations along the route. Both Harris County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and Harris County Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) are proud volunteers of the Houston to Austin MS-150 bike tour. In addition to these two groups a number of hams from both San Antonio and Austin lend support as well.

MS-150 Plan and Goals Overview

Call for volunteers

To volunteer, you need at least a 2 meter/VHF radio (dual band preferred) that has at least 25 watts output and a gain-type antenna. Or, be working with a team that a properly equipped station will be available for you to use. If stationed in a Tour vehicle, your radio must be easily transferred between vehicles. Food and sleeping areas are provided; you need to bring your own bed linens. A secure parking area will be provided for your vehicle.

Once you have volunteered you need to contact your EC and advise them you need a link to the latest "Volunteer Form" and return that to Jeff Walter, KE5FGA.

Depending upon your assignment volunteer hours begin at 0430 hrs. on Satuday and end around 1900 hrs. Sunday. There will be two information meetings before the ride. To volunteer contact your ARES Emergency Coordinator.

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What about sleeping arrangements? ARES and CERT will be staying free of charge at either the Lone Star Campground near La Grange or the Outback closer to Columbus.