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Welcome to the Harris County ARES training section. ARES ® training is a personal commitment on your part. Your leadership team; SEC, DEC, ADEC, EC & AEC's will gladly assist you, but they can't do it for you. This section is broken out by general topic material. Any of this material may be used by the units as a part of their weekly training nets in whole or part and may be changed to meet the unit requirements.

This is the recommended unit training for 2015.

MarchSAF-109 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Net-110 Break Tags

AprilKNW-127 Battery Selection and Safety
KNW-107 Cross Band Repeat

MaySAF-107 Hide and Run
NEt-117 Communication Guidelines

JuneNET-115 Field Day
KNW-135 ITU Phonetics

JulyKNW-120 Power Pole 101
SAF-104 Safety Tips, Recovery operations

AugustKNW-144 Preparing to deploy
SAF-106 How to store gasoline for an emergency

SeptemberWEA-101 Lightening Protection 1
WEA-102 Lightening Protection 2

OctoberNET-111 Pro-words 1
NET-112 Pro-words 2

NovemberKNEW-138 Winterize/Maintain Gas Powered Equipment
SAF-110 Amateur Radio Electrical Safety

DecemberKNW-117 NVIS

CERT - Community Emergency Response Teams



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